Inspired by the power of community, OjoxOjoshop was born.

OjoxOjo shop is a queer owned business.

It is run by Fanny, a queer Latinx SF-based woman, who hand selects each piece.

For Fanny, each garment is genderqueer, and through her shop, she seeks to promote, size, gender and sexuality-inclusitivity.

Her eye tends to gravitate towards bold colors, prints and pieces that create comfort and shape.

OjoxOjoshop is an opportunity to bring light on the intersectionality of clothing and community building, as Fanny likes to give voice to up-and-coming artists like herself.

You may follow Fanny’s journey through Instagram as she cultivates community, self-empowerment, and how to promote sustainability, community building and empowerment through clothing.

 Please contact the artist before using their work for any purposes other than personal research.

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